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About our Instructors


Sport is my passion.

Since I was four years old, I was actively participating in ballet and gymnastic. When I was five years old, I rode a motorcycle, that my dad built for me. During Primary School, I used to race in athletics then later swimming. In 2004, I started studying at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University, where I focused on gymnastics and swimming courses. Same year, I started coaching in the Prague Sharks Swimming Club with students from ISP and Riverside School.  The children I coached were under 10 years old and I really enjoyed it.


I also used to work for NIKE company as an Exclusive Instructor and Master Instructor of YOGA for Czech and Slovak Republic. At the same time, I was a Trainer and the Instructor in World Class GYM for another 6 years and NIKE running trainer.

For last 7 years, I worked as a PE Teacher in Riverside School Prague.  During that time, I established the swimming club NEMO.

I'm proud that I trained the Czech Olympic Rowing Team, they achieved a Gold MEDAL.

I love to share my experience and skills with the kids, see them smiling during the lessons and hear them say, I love you.

TEREZA Hanfová - Trainer

I was born in the Chinese Zodiac year of the Fish, and maybe this is the reason, why I love water so much. Since I was a kid I loved sports, I cannot imagine life without it. During Primary School, I did Modern Dancing, tennis, and basketball. During High school, I found floorball and other sports like aerobics, and swimming.  I am an instructor in aerobic, skiing and swimming. I am a nutritionist as well. I was studying Sport Management and at the moment I work for Riverside School Prague as a Sports Coordinator. In my free time, when I am not sporting, I try to relax as much as possible, also I like to read books and meet with friends.

Lívia Bartušková - Trainer

I have a passion for swimming, and I used to be a junior swim representative of Slovak Republic. I am a certificated Swimming Trainer from Charles University, which provides qualifications for swimming and PE lessons to children under the age of 7. I have trained kids of all age for the last 8 years.


In my free time, I like water sports like swimming, water skiing and windsurfing.  I also enjoy running, yoga, snowboarding and skiing. Family is number one for me.


I am proud, and it’s a personal challenge for me, to prepare specifics lessons for kids, that exactly fits their needs. Thank you, for allowing me to train your kids. I share with you the excitement to see children grow into experienced swimmers.  

Cristina Alexová - Trainer

My name is Cristina Alexova. Over ten years I’m a swimming and gym instructor. I teach all kids age groups. From my childhood I’m doing all kinds of sports. I started coaching swimming when I was at high school.  I’m a certified Class III swimming instructor and I’m also certified for teaching infants and kids. I’m very happy that in my work I managed to combine the two things I enjoy the most - sport and kids.

I’m a friendly and optimistic, mainly thanks to the kids who enjoy doing sports.

Monika Týfová - Trainer

I swam competitively from ages 5 to 15. I am a certificated 3rd class swimming trainer, a certificate achieved at Charles University Sports Faculty. This certificate allows me to be a trainer and share my swimming experience to with the kids. I love to works with the kids and see them improve their swimming techniques. During the summer, I am an instructor at local summer camps. In my free time, I do scrapbooking, spend time in nature and watch American TV series to practice my English. 

Martina Nováková - Trainer

My name is Martina Novakova. I studied social studies at the University of Jana Evangelisty Purkyne. My most favourite hobby is sport.

From my childhood I was attending swimming lessons. When I was 10 years old I started doing team sports - cheerleaders and florbal. At the moment I'm passionate in surfing, which you are not able to do if you are not a good swimmer. Swimming is a great basis for lots of sports.

I teach all age groups (ranging from 3 years to adults). I’m a ski instructor and I spend lots of time in the mountains. I am also a certified life guard.

I’m an optimist and every day I try to wake up with a smile and bring it in to my classes.

Karel Novotny "Charlie" - Trainer

I completed High School in 2016.  In May 2016, I began attending Charles University in the field of Teacher Training for specialization in piano, guitar, accordion, double bass and flute.  At the same time, I began working at the preschool, Our Submarine, where I instructed music to students ages three to six years old.  Additionally, I lead child/parent music courses for student under 3 years old and full music program for children age four years.  Once a week, I organized and taught the swimming program at Our Submarine Preschool.

For several years in high school. I was the leader of the Scout Club.  During that time, I took many first aid courses including first aid in nature, such as forests, mountains and on hiking trails.

I enjoy teaching swimming lessons to all ages and have the diploma to teach climbing artificial walls.

In my free time, I am a passionate cyclist, interested in climbing ad canoeing.

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