Lessons description:

Lections are leaded by experienced and well qualifaied trainers in English or Czech language.

All lections starts by stretching and warm-up. Main part is focused for technique depending on swimming style. Lesson is ended by fun part - jumps into the water, diving for puck, underwater games.

Group consist 5 swimmers and trainer in one swimming line.

Babies swimming:

It is very favourite and requested session, based in Via Vestra swimming pool, which is ideal for its size and temperature for the smallies swimmers. We starts after finished 6th month, till 2 years.

After 2nd birthday swimmer can swim with the instructor without mom.

After sixth week of baby, we offer home bathing. Trainer is visiting baby at home.

Roles and responsibility


1. Participants are required to follow the lessons security and organizational instructions of the instructor and the pool employees. Simultaneously hereby undertake to observe the operating like a swimming pool operating roles.
2. A person who accompanies the child lesson is responsible for ensuring that the participant does not suffer from any acute, infectious, skin and gynecological diseases and at the same time has opened skin injuries and suffering from diseases of internal organs.
3. Any health problems, always consult with your Doctor, and then inform the instructor.
4. In the dressing room, showers and a swimming pool, please make sure your child's safety.
5. instructor takes responsibility for the child only for the time specified for the session.
6. In the pool area and showers is prohibited to run. Always use for you and your child rubber boots prevent severe accidents.
7. If, despite all the roles, there is an accident, please inform the instructor of the event.
8. Before each entry into the pool is necessary that your child has been washed with soap and showering.
9. According to the requirement of each pool operators it is need to wear a swimming cap.
10. Entry to the pool for the participants of the session is possible only in the presence of an instructor.
11. Parents nor children can not go in the pool area in civilian clothes, attending lessons at the pool is possible for hygienic reasons, only disguised.
12. In the pool area is forbidden to eat.
13. If you enter the pool area must be disguised in a clean T-shirt and shorts and have on foot appropriate footwear.

Holidays 2020 - we are not swimming


Monday  28.9.

Wednesday   28.10.

Christmas break   19.12.-2.1.2021